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The Impact of a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is an expression dentist use to describe a change or improvement in someone’s smile. Smile makeover treatment can range from a simple bonding on teeth to an entire full mouth reconstruction. A person’s smile can be critical to how they feel about themselves. There has been a vast amount of research indicating how significant an intimate and friendly smile is to someone’s self-confidence. On the contrary, a smile can also be a source of embarrassment and timidity if someone is not happy or feeling good about their smile because it is usually the first feature that people notice in others.

Fortunately, with a smile makeover, you can not only regain your self-confidence but also have whiter, brighter teeth and a more beautiful smile. At Magic Smile Turkey, we cover all the imperfections on teeth and improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of the teeth using modern and tested techniques, ultimately resulting in a dazzling smile. When examining someone’s smile in Magic Smile Turkey, we consider many different factors. These include ;

  • Teeth Color: Are your teeth too yellow or not wide enough?
  • Alignment: Is there crowding or spacing between the teeth?
  • Tooth Shape: Are your teeth too square or triangular?
  • Tooth Size: Are they too big or small for your face?
  • The Health of the Teeth: Are they healthy, or do they have cavities and decay?

In a similar vein, Magic Smile Turkey offers a variety of procedures designed primarily to develop the appearance of your teeth by paying attention to even small details, such as whether your smile matches your lip line and do you show enough teeth when you smile or not. So, at Magic Smile Turkey, once we determine what elements of your smile need improvement or alteration, we decide on the types of treatment or treatments that would be the best to address these issues properly.

The most widely used and preferred treatment and smile makeovers are porcelain veneers. This conservative treatment can cater to a variety of problems and can be used as the only treatment or in combination with other treatments. Another restoration that is a part of a smile makeover is all porcelain crowns. These are used if your teeth are more broken down or need to be built up more than what a veneer can accomplish. Regardless of which type of treatment or treatments are used to enhance your smile, a smile makeover can be life-altering through restored self-confidence.

The Prices of Smile Makeover in Turkey

Smile Makeover treatment in Magic Smile Turkey is 70% cheaper than in Europe and England with the exact same quality. Zirconium Crown( Computer designed with DSD system) is 170£. This includes 2 years warranty, Transfer (Airport, hotel, clinic), Panoramic X-Ray, free consultation, and numbing injections.

E- Max packet (%100 Ceramic, Computer designed with DSD system) is 215£, and it includes 2 years warranty, Transfer (Airport, hotel, clinic), Panoramic X-Ray, free consultation, and numbing injections.

About Magic Smile Turkey

Magic Smile Turkey is located at the center of Antalya, and our dental clinic is equipped with the latest technology devices and the best professional and multilingual staff members. Along with being the best dental clinic in Turkey, Magic Smile Turkey is also in the Top 1000 of more than 130.000 clinics in GCR (Global Clinic Rating). We offer the best smile makeover and dental treatments at affordable prices using updated materials and state-of-the-art technology. Having a stunning smile is no longer a luxury procedure only for the rich. Getting a smile makeover design will make all your daydreams about being able to smile and laugh freely into a reality with Magic Smile Turkey. We love seeing our patients leave our dental clinic with big and beautiful smiles on their faces.

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