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What Is Dens In Dente?

Dens invaginatus, or dens in dente (which translates to “tooth within a tooth”), is a dental anomaly. This condition occurs when the tooth’s enamel (the outer, visible layer of the tooth) folds into the dentin (the hard tissue beneath the enamel) during tooth development. This creates what looks like a small tooth within an existing

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Is Gum Reshaping Right For You?

A healthy and attractive smile might begin with your pearly whites, but it also requires a harmonious relationship between your teeth, gums, and lips. If you want to build confidence through a more beautiful smile, you might look into a cosmetic procedure like gum reshaping. Find out more about gum reshaping and determine if this

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What It Means If Your Teeth Feel Rough

You may have a friend who’s a little rough around the edges. Perhaps you saw an early rough cut of a movie. Or maybe you’re always telling your kids to stop the roughhousing. These are manageable situations that won’t affect your oral health. But when your teeth feel rough, that does affect your oral health.

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How Many Teeth Do We Have?

Have you ever wondering how many teeth you have? Well, it’s your lucky day. Because we’re going to dive into the answer. The truth is that the number of teeth you have depends on a few factors: age and the presence of certain conditions. As you may know, children and adults actually have different sets

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Why a white smile should also be a healthy smile

A straight and white smile is becoming more sought after then ever before. This mindset began with the ‘Hollywood smile’, when we first started to develop an interest in mimicking the results of celebrity cosmetics. Today, the price of cosmetic dentistry, like tooth whitening and adult orthodontics have become far more affordable and accessible. It

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