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New Teeth with Magic Smile Turkey

Having new teeth is not a dream. You can have a new smile with Magic Smile Turkey at very affordable prices, with quality service and expert doctor staff.

Zirconium Crown

Zirconium crowns have proven themselves as a metal-free dental material for years because of the dental aesthetics for zirconium crowns and zirconium implants. Zirconium crowns Turkey is very popular in Europe. The biggest reason for this is the affordable prices offered by Turkey for Zirconium crowns.

The all-ceramic crown, known as the zirconium crown, has a ceramic core made of high-strength zirconium dioxide on which the veneering ceramic is burned, thus creating an all-ceramic crown of high strength. Zirconium oxide, which is used for the zirconium crown and has a lower thermal conductivity than metal, is a biocompatible material used for the zirconium bridge. All-ceramic zirconium crowns and zirconium bridges are well tolerated and stable because zirconium oxide is permanently highly resilient and has good long-term stability. Each framework can be designed on the computer and milled in the CAD / CAM machine, where it can be dyed tooth-colored so that it has the best possible color brilliance. With the zirconium crown, crown margins can be reworked and thinned to achieve an optimal fit. For individual coloring and to improve the refraction of light, colored ceramic materials are applied to the framework, which is then fired in the ceramic furnace so that a tooth neck can also be given a warm shade. So that the zirconium crown does not glow too strongly in the mouth, a thin ceramic layer is applied to the crown so that the brightness values can be reduced, and then a type of enamel layer is applied, which results in different transparency and translucency (partial light permeability) of the tooth crown so that this zirconium crown appears natural.

The right address for zirconium crowns is Turkey. Turkey is the first choice in the dental treatment of many European countries with its specialist doctors and affordable price guarantee. Zirconium crown Turkey prices are quite low compared to European countries.

Hollywood smile

A beautiful smile offers advantages in many areas of life. With a beautiful smile, both the level of influencing people and self-confidence will increase considerably. With the Smile makeover application, anyone who wishes can have a beautiful smile.

A beautiful smile differs for each patient. It differs according to face sizes. With the specialist doctors at Dental Smile Turkey, all patients can have a beautiful smile. Before applying the smile aesthetic that works best for you;

  • Facial features
  • Gums
  • Tooth alignment and tooth color
  • Lip
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Smile symmetry

Taking these factors into account, the most suitable smile aesthetic for you will be developed.

A beautiful smile is not just about white teeth. In addition to whiteness, the health level of the gums and the health of the teeth are also very important factors. Hollywood Smile is an application that aligns the gums, teeth and lips together and creates a beautiful smile in total. This design can be made in Turkey at very reasonable prices. Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey is relatively low.

Magic Smile Turkey creates a healthy and white smile by correcting the existing tooth structure of the person with porcelain veneer and eliminating the incompatibility between gums and teeth with gingival aesthetic applications. With Dental Smile Turkey, you can have your dental treatment done at 70% more affordable prices than in England.

The smile design, which combines medicine and art, first determines the shape of your face and the shape of the teeth that you should have. Hollywood smile is an application that is highly preferred globally and adds excellent aesthetics to the face. Hollywood smile is a common practice in Turkey. The reason for the application of this dental operation in Turkey is the affordable prices. Hollywood smile prices in Turkey are pretty affordable. Patients from European countries frequently have the hollywood smile applied in Turkey.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a cosmetic dental procedure usually divided into different treatment phases in which the dentist creates the "perfect" smile. This is achieved, among other things, by using tooth facets such as veneers or crowns to compensate for or replace discolored, destroyed, or crooked teeth. Bleaching is also used to ensure an even more beautiful and natural dentition color.

The difference between a smile makeover and conventional dental treatment with crowns is therefore correcting individual teeth and the entire dentition or at least the visible rows of teeth through different interventions. This makes the treatment more complex, but the result impresses with a level of perfection that cannot be achieved with individual dental implants or tooth facets.

At the same time, the aim is to achieve the most natural result possible, which is why, for example, skin and lip color, as well as symmetrical gums and the shape of the later smile, are taken into account in this treatment. The smile makeover is not a medically necessary intervention, which is why you should find out about the advantages and disadvantages in advance. Because even if the tooth facets (veneers) that are often used in surgery are now recognized as a harmless alternative in dentistry, their use is still not an option for everyone:

For example, people who grind their teeth or have a habit of chewing on objects or fingernails could damage the facets of their teeth.

Even patients who do not practice adequate oral care and who already suffer from severe tooth defects such as tooth decay are less advised to use veneers. Because the tooth facets require that the teeth be cleaned thoroughly after the procedure so that the contact point between the implant and the natural tooth is located, no bacteria can settle.

Furthermore, the previously necessary removal of the tooth enamel affects your teeth. The procedure is often uncomfortable, and it can increase the sensitivity of the teeth to pain.

However, the excellent compatibility of the tooth facets, their natural ceramic material, and their durability is advantageous, which is estimated at five to ten years.

Having a beautiful smile is an expensive process. The smile makeover application, which includes many processes such as whitening, editing, sizing, can be pretty costly. But smile makeover Turkey in cost is relatively low. Smile makeover Turkey cost is really low compared to European countries. Turkey is a very optimal option with its specialist doctors and reasonable prices.

With its expert doctor staff and reasonable prices, you can have all the desired dental treatments done in Magic Smile Turkey.

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