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Upper Jaw All On Six Implant Treatments
Lower Jaw All On Six Implant Treatments
Upper Jaw 12 Zirconium Crown
Lower Jaw 12 Zirconium Crown






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2 Years

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Who We Are?

Our clinic is equipped with dental technology rated above the International standards as set out by the GCR. Our English, German, Dutch-speaking staff is extremely well-qualified and experienced with dental surgeons and cosmetic dentists.

Why Choose Us?

Our reputation for exceptional quality and high level of customer service speak for itself.

Some of our impressive statistics;

  • Visited by over 3000 satisfied UK dental patients since 2012
  • 50-70% less expensive than the dental clinics in UK
  • Recognized by leading International, EU and UK dental associations.
  • World class dental surgeons with over 15 years experience.
  • Latest advanced technology.

Antalya / Turkey

07200, Güzeloba Mah.

+90 541 256 12 54

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  1. Louise Mcintosh

    Hi there I’m really interested in something similar like this..I also only have my 2 fangs at the top and 1 screw in.andvat the bottom I only have 7 teeth I have lost my back teeth and I now were a partial denture is there any way that you could please help me get my smile back x

    • Thank you for contacting Magic Smile dental clinic for your dental treatment. We would very please to help you finding the most appropriate solution for you. You can find our full price list and treatments that we offer on our website.

      Could you also send us pictures of your upper jaw and lower jaw please? This will help us in making a proper treatment plan and quote for you
      You can send them on our Whatsapp number +90 543 542 53 86 or by email [email protected]. You can use mobile phone’s camera to take your teeth pictures.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Joanne Riley

    Your work
    Looks amazing

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