Important Announcement! We are open again! Do not delay your Smile!

To our valued patients;

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) had drastic affects on our daily basis. Around the globe too many precious human lives have lost, and made drastic change to their loved ones lives. As  Magic Smile Entity, everyone lost their loved ones during this period, please accept our sincere condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. We as an entity have a strong belief that, these days will come to past and life will become the same as before only with the lessons we will took from this process.

As stated before; Turkey had been suspended all the domestic and international flights temporarily, due to restrain the spread of virus. This action has taken until 17th April however it will extended to this date. After the flight irregularities, airlines experienced for a while due to the corona virus epidemic, after 12th June International flights has been started with the new flight measures. Regarding flight agendas and operations you can take a look at Turkish Air Lines web site (link below);

As for us during this period; we took all the necessary measures to be  expected from a health institution like us. We started to operate since 12th June same as before, only wtih the new measurements we have taken. Be sure that, as an entity your well being and health are our number one priority around our work ethic and well-known  trustworthiness, we would not start to operate again if we had any  concerns, regarding your safety. After a long period of examining we have concluded we are ready to start treatments again. For future course we kindly ask of our patients to take into consideration following instructions;

  • Please make contact with our customer services for the appointments,
  • Please do not beware to consult us for your flight reservations and agenda
  • As it’s before we provide the transport service through airport, hotel and clinic. Therefore please let us know your arrival and departure dates.

Yours Sincerely,

Magic Smile Turkey


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  1. Lisa wilson

    I’m coming as soon as the uk lets me.

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