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Bridlington man flies to Turkey for dental treatment

A man has said he travelled to Turkey for dental work after being unable to find a dentist and get treatment in East Yorkshire.

David Moore was scheduled to have a broken tooth replaced, but the private dentist he used closed down.

He said he was unable to find a new NHS or private dentist “within 30 miles” of his home in Bridlington.

The British Dental Association (BDA) warned that "patients should be aware of the risks” when travelling abroad for treatment.

Mr Moore said his flight to Antalya was full of “health tourists”.

“I should think it was probably about 90% English having dental treatment,” he said.

Two dental practices have shut down in the last few months in Bridlington, leaving the town with only one NHS practice.

Mr Moore said his treatment, which included the repair to the tooth and two implants, flights and hotel accommodation, cost around £2,000,

He said that was “a fraction" of what he would have paid in the UK.

“I remember I had an implant about nine years ago and that was as much as the whole of this together,” he said.

He added he did not have to wait for treatment or an appointment.

BDA chair, Eddie Crouch, said patients travelling abroad for treatment “should be aware of the risks and alternatives to the treatment desired”.

“Dentists are aware many people are struggling to access care and may be tempted to go overseas for cut-price treatment,” he said.

“Patients need to provide informed consent for any treatment they have and be wary of a hard-sell, as the reality is rarely as simple as it appears on Instagram.

“Sadly, many UK dentists are now picking up the pieces when things go wrong.”

The BBC has contacted NHS England for a response.


David Moore said the cost of treatment in Turkey was about a third of private UK dentists' fees. Mr Moore said his flight to Turkey was full of “health tourists” from England.

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